Where the Wild Things Are Max and Monster Costumes

So I’m pretty sure that this is going to be the last year the boys let me pick their costumes for them… As a super control freak mom with a hate of tacky Power Rangers costumes, this bothers me. With that in mind, I decided to “go out with a bang” this year. After contemplating the cute matching costumes like the Flintstones, Mario and Luigi, and Thing 1 and Thing 2, I finally decided to go with Max and “Moishe” (the popular wild thing monster) from Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are. This was one of my favorite books growing up, and now it’s my boys favorite too! When I approached hubby with my Halloween costume idea, he loved it! Then I was on my merry way to online shopping for these perfect costumes… only to be shot down again. I’m not sure if you’ve ever looked at these costumes online, but WOW! The prices were ridiculous! The Max costumes that weren’t tacky looking were anywhere from $40-$300! The Moishe monster costume was not only difficult to find, but expensive as well if you were lucky to find one. What do you do when you realize you don’t want to pay a hefty price for something you want? You Pinterest it! I found a couple of tutorials, but I know my sewing skill ability (or lack there of) enough to know that I needed something simpler. So I started with the Mcqueen’s Max costume…

Items needed:

  • 2-3 sheets of Yellow felt (depending on the size of your child’s head). (.20 each)
  • 4 big buttons (Hobby Lobby $1.25)
  • Gray or white zip up hoodie and matching jogging pants (purchased at target for $7 a piece)
  • 2 pieces of fur long enough to wrap around the crown, and to make a tail. (Hobby Lobby sells these in stips)($2 each)
  • 3-4 large safety pins
  • Needle and Thread


  1. First sew your buttons down the middle of the zip up hoodie. You’ll probably want to barely sew them to the right of the zipper. Try to spread them equally apart.
  2. Measure your child’s head for crown with the hoodie on them. Draw your crown or you can cut this crown template out and trace on your fleece.
  3. Cut out your fleece crown. Then cut a strip of fur to go along the bottom of the crown. Afterwards, sew the fur to the bottom of the crown. If you’re having to use more than one sheet of fleece, you may have to safety pin or sew them together to make the crown. But leave one end open to pin at the end.
  4. Now we’re ready to move on the the tail.  Take a strip of fur and pin it using the safety pin to the top of their pants or to the bottom of their hoodie. You want to make sure that it’s tucked under the hoodie if you do it that way.
  5. When you have all that done, have your child put his pants and hoodie on with the hood up. Then wrap the crown around his head and safety pin the the ends.

*If the crown spikes aren’t staying up, then simply trim them to be shorter and they’ll stay. Or if the crown is falling, then pin it to the hoodie.

Now, on to the Wild Thing Monster costume! This one was simple, and yet time consuming! But in the end, it looks great, and Mater loves his monster costume!

Items needed:

  • Orange or yellow striped long sleeved shirt(Old Navy always has striped long sleeves this time of year) http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/category.do?cid=37195 I got mine for $2 at a consignment sale this year.
  • Brown or gray jogging pants $5 at Target
  • 10-12 sheets of brown or gray felt (depending on jogging pants) Mater is a 3T size. (.20 each)
  • Strip of fur ($2)
  • 5-6 large safety pins
  • Black or brown furry hat (I found a black cat fur hat at Target for $9 and just pinned the ears and cut the pink balls of)
  • 1 sheet of white felt (.20)
  • Little bit of cotton balls or stuffing (2 handfuls small)
  • Needle and Thread
  • Felt Glue


  1. The pants are the most tedious so let’s start with them. You’re going to take your fleece and draw strips of scales. Here is what they look like :

  1. Then you’re going to cut the stripes out and layer them like the picture above to make scales. You have two options when it comes to putting these on the jogging pants. You can either sew them on using a sewing machine (probably faster). Or you can glue them on using felt glue. Either way START FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE PANTS AND WORK YOU’RE WAY UP. They won’t layer like scales if  you start at the top of the pants.
  2. If you’re gluing the pants, then give them time to dry and move on to the hat. If you buy a hat like I did, then pin the ears down using safety pins.
  3. Then cut horns using your white fleece. You’ll want to cut out 4 horns. Then you’ll group them in twos and and sew the sides, leaving one side open. Once you have 2 sides sewn, then stuff your horns with cotton balls or fleece. (I used a pencil to stuff them) Then sew the last end shut.
  4. After your horns are stuffed and made, pin them to the hat. (use the pinned down ears a good source point to pin them)
  5. Finally, when you’re pants are dried or sewn with scales. Take your strip of fur and pin it to the top of the pants with a safety pin.

And there you have it! My affordable, adorable Where the Wild Things Are Costumes! Happy Halloween!


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