“Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster” Playdate

This week’s kids’ book club playdate featured the Usborne book, Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt. We had a rep from Usborne books come and do a book party, so we could get ready for school. We have a few kids in our playgroup that are starting preschool or a Mother’s Day Out Type program for the first time this year. So in celebrating that (yes celebrating), we decided to have a back to school party for our kids book club! We served veggies, chips and salsa, and best of all…. ROOT BEER FLOATS! I think it’s safe to say that was everyone’s favorite part!

Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster is a great book for any child nervous to try new things. The story is about a little boy, Jonathan James, who has a “whatif monster” that keeps him from trying new things and meeting new people because it asks the scary what if questions. What if I fall down while playing a new sport? What if they don’t want to be friends with me? What if I’m not good at something? These are very real fears for little ones who are starting new adventures without their parents. Even I, as an adult, have been a little reluctant to try something because of the “whatif monster”. So I thought this was a very sweet, and appropriate book for our tots who were trying new things.

I also though that since our book was about overcoming fears, that I would put together a little snack with some encouragement! So I printed off these adorable kind cards from Kind Over Matter. You can grab some too if you want to check it out, http://www.kindovermatter.com/2010/05/kind-kindred-melissa.html. Then I just simply taped them to toothpicks and stuck them in the tops of apples. I didn’t want to give the kids too much sugar in one afternoon!

We had Pettigrew’s Pages come out and read our story. I know Mcqueen was front and center for this one, so much so, that I had to keep telling him to sit down so others could see! Afterwards, the kids got the chance to recreate their own monster and take it home! I bought a 4-pack of play dough from Dollar tree, then split it in half, and rolled it in a ball for the kids and put it in a Ziploc back. I then put out baskets that had googly eyes, pipe cleaners cut in different sizes, and pom poms. The kids had a lot of fun with this activity! We also had some coloring sheets I printed off from http://www.whatifmonsters.com/crafts.html. It was so much fun watching their little imaginations creating their own silly monsters, and even though there were a lot of kids running around, it was still tons of fun.

If you have some monster crafts, or book activities that you’re just dying to share, feel free to! I’d love to hear your thoughts, and I’m always looking for other blogs to explore!

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