Mater and Mcqueen’s Dinosaur Birthday Party!

Finally, the birthday party madness is over! This year for the boys’ birthday party, we went with a dinosaur theme, but of course my kids aren’t into the friendly Land Before Times dinosaur, no they like Jurassic Park real life dinosaurs. I know, at 2 and 3, they are already into the gross stuff! From there, I found several ideas on pinterest, of course, and a pdf that ultimately made the party fantastic! Back in December, I found a pdf file on Etsy from simonemadeit. It was only $10, and come with everything from customizable invitations, decorations, cello bag toppers, and even cupcake toppers and wrappers. What I loved even more about this, was the blue and red colors that brightened it up a bit! The pictures, were not as great as I would have liked them to be, but the party itself was fantastic!

Tips for an affordable, ADORABLE party:

1. For the invitations, we used the pdf we ordered from simonemadeit, and inserted pictures of the boys with dinosaurs. Printing off your invitations at home and inserting wallet sized pictures is one way to save money instead of using photocards. Try using props that go with your theme, such as shirts, or toys!

2. Check etsy for pdf party printables if you have a printer at home. If you’re willing to spend a little time printing and cutting, you can seriously save some cash for decorations!

3. is a great place to buy party stuff for a cheaper price then other party stores. I ordered the dinosaur mugs and mask favors from there. I also purchased the T-Rex picture cutout there for only $15!

4. Balloons are an awesome way to brighten up and decorate your party room, plus they’re really cheap! Call your local Dollar Tree, Brookshires, or Party City for pricing. But balloons are fairly cheap, and can also double as a party favor to send home with little guests.

5. Depending on your theme, you may have toys to decorate tables with. In our case we have a million toy dinosaurs, so we used them to decorate tables!

6. My favorite part about parties, I think is themed foods. I love to make foods and snacks that go with a party theme. They are their own little decoration! We made “Pteradactyl Food” by making tuna fish sandwhiches that were in fish shapes. We also had “Lava Sticks”, which are basically the dirt cups dessert, minus the worms, and add a twizzler! So get creative with your food!

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