Where Oh Where Have the Mommy Groups Gone?!

ImageOnce again, I have been missing in action, and I swear I’m not going to do it again, but let’s face it, I have three children! I have been super busy with lots of exciting things happening in our family. No, I have not added another baby! LOL! But, we have moved from our home state to Oklahoma City! And honestly, it has been wonderful! Oklahoma seriously has it going on here! It’s beautiful, the people are so friendly, and there is a lot to do with your kids here! The only thing I’m missing out on here is my family and friends. :( With that thought, I have been searching for some mommy groups on Facebook here, and have discovered a few, but none of them are actually having playdates. This is no bueno for me, as my active little men are begging for some new friends, and school doesn’t start again till August! So, with that in mind, I’m thinking about starting one up. I mean after all, I co-operated one back home, how hard can it be?! That’s a joke by the way, because it does take a lot of work, which is why I was hoping to find one I could just jump into. AHHH!

Anyway, with so many things to do here in OKC, there has got to be some other moms looking to have some mommy talk while their kids play. With that being said, if you are a mom in the Oklahoma City Area looking to make some mommy friends search OKC Mamas on Facebook and add us! I’m already planning some fun things for this week. In the meantime, I’m going to share some of our favorite places to explore here in the OKC area.

  1. My boys all time favorite place to go so far is Unpluggits. This place is so much fun, and it’s great for my kids’ different personalities. Mater loves to paint, glue, and cut to his little heart’s desire. While Mcqueen is playing dress up and climbing the jungle gym or playing on the pirate ship in the playroom. The princess is just content to play with the puppets or millions of balls floating around! Check them out, I promise you won’t be disappointed! http://www.unpluggits.com/
  2. Another favorite is the Science Museum in OKC. It’s huge, and there are tons of things that are age appropriate for little ones. I also was told the last time I was there, that they are working on expanding their children’s area and creating a pretend town! http://www.sciencemuseumok.org/
  3. When the weather is beautiful, you have to go to the Oklahoma City Zoo. I have yet to see it all in one day! It’s not just a zoo though, there is a splash creek, a children’s zoo, a train ride, carousel, sting ray bay, and a huge children’s playground. It’s very shaded, and you can bring in a cooler and picnic! http://www.okczoo.com/hours-and-admission/
  4. The Myriad Botanical Gardens is probably one of my favorite places to visit with the kids. It’s SO beautiful! There’s a splash ground for the kids and a unique and fun children’s play area that my boys think is so cool. If you get a chance pack a picnic and walk to the back part where there are these beautiful trees on hills and have a picnic! http://www.myriadgardens.org/
  5. I think we tend to forget about the public libraries in our area, and they’re always doing something fun for the kids during the week. We popped in one day and ended up doing ABC Yoga one day! The NW Library has a great children’s area with puzzles and activities, as well as an outdoor area to picnic for lunch. Check out their event calendar for storytimes. http://metrolibrary.evanced.info/signup/eventcalendar.aspx?df=list&nd=60
  6. If you’re looking for something free and fun for the kids, check out the Edmond Children’s Museum. Although it’s small, the kids always beg to go back here. They have a pretend grocery store, bank, jail, and other little town set ups. Along with an area with books, puzzles, and blocks. Outside there’s a small playground for the kids to burn some energy! The staff is very friendly and we always have a great time here. http://www.edmondhistory.org/exhibits/childrens-learning-center/

There’s really so so much more to do, but honestly I haven’t tried them all out yet! So until then, these are our favorites!



“Oh My, You’ve Got Your Hands Full!”



If I had to choose one comment that I heard the most when people see me, it would be, “Oh my, you’ve got your hands full!” This is what comes out of most people’s mouths when they see me and my three children in public. Usually during this time, I’m at the grocery store swatting Mcqueen’s hands because he’s trying to grab candy off the shelf and shove it in his mouth or pockets (whichever he thinks he can get away with at the time); telling Mater that yes, I did know he has seven Pete the Cat books in his collection, meanwhile bouncing the Princess in the Moby while swiping my debit card to leave my own personal version of Hell called Wal-Mart. I swear I’m never going back every time I leave there, but somehow end up needing something from there. I know this little comment seems harmless, and it probably shouldn’t piss me off like it does, but it strikes a nerve in me for some reason. I guess the reason it does, is because usually the next question is “How old are they?”, which then leads to the next question, “Are you going to have any more or are you done?”. Which is pretty much them saying, “judging from what I’m watching you should be done”. Maybe that’s not how they mean it, perhaps I’m just being hypersensitive. But when did someone else’s life decisions become open to public opinion? I’m sure the whole Facebook era didn’t help anything, but that’s why I don’t post anything that I haven’t thought about before hitting enter. My decision to have three beautiful, rambunctious children is just that, MY decision. So I don’t need snide remarks or a million questions. The bitch in me always wants to answer, “None of your damn business!”. But because I’m a mother, and I’m trying to show my children the right thing to do, I can’t say that. That’s where my blog comes in handy! ;) Yes, I most certainly have those days where I want to pull my hair out, or as my dad would put it, “Go back in time and eat you at birth!”. But that’s motherhood! It’s crazy, fast-paced, and comical even most days! But it goes by too fast, and soon the days of a million questions, baby bounces, and swatting will be over. That’s the day I dread, not days like today in the grocery store. Simply put, my hands aren’t full…. My heart is! Next time you see a mom sweating with her kids, try saying, “It looks like your heart is full!” with a smile… I promise it will put a smile on her face and at least remind her of that for a short while.

Meet the Princess!


It has been months since my last blog post, but I’m finally getting used to a house with 3 kiddos! Just to update those of you who even read this thing, we brought a beautiful baby girl into the world October 23, 2013. She was born with a head full of dark hair, and is my smallest baby weighing a whopping 6lbs. 9oz. She came out screaming, and has a temper that could only belong to a female! She’s beautiful y’all, and I know I’m her mom and so I’m biased, but seriously she is gorgeous!

I have been exclusively breastfeeding her for 3 months now! I’m so proud and excited about it. I breastfed Mater and McQueen, but it wasn’t for this long because I had some trouble, and honestly I gave up too soon. I’m not gonna lie, the first couple of weeks sucked (pun intended). But thanks to Medelas soothing gel pads and some organic coconut oil (which worked way better than any nipple cream), I made it through them! The Princess was having a hard time gaining weight the first month, but now she’s got rolls everywhere!

The Princess is our last baby, for sure! Especially with her being my third c section, we decided to get a tubal. And I have not regretted that decision AT ALL! I’m trying to enjoy every little thing about the baby phase this time, because she’s my last. I can’t believe she’s 3 months old already! I need time to slow down! McQueen is going to be 5 in March and Mater will be 4! Ahhhhh!





Slime Playdate


I have been trying to do more fun things with the boys before our little princess arrives, and the boys have become interested in the Ghostbusters here lately. Which led us to SLIME! All kids love getting messy, and so what’s better than making slime in a kiddie pool outside?! I know there are different recipes, but we decided to go with the simple cornstarch, water, and food coloring method. It’s super cheap, easy, and just in case a kid decides to lick it (I’ve seen stranger things licked before) there’s no harmful chemicals. Now this recipe is super messy and a little more watery than the oobleck we’ve made in the past. But it’s great for some outside fun!

Easy Slime Recipe:
-Start with 2 cups of cornstarch
-1 cup of water
– a couple drops of food coloring
Slowly add your water to cornstarch and mix with spoon.

Now if you’re wanting to make lots, you are going to need lots of cornstarch! I bought a big thing from SAMs for $4 and had 2 extra small boxes and it barely covered the bottom of the pool. So if you’re planning on creating some depth in a kiddie pool, you may want to get a few SAMs containers of cornstarch.

We took different things such as cups, strainers, spatulas, and water toys to scoop and play with our slime. The kids loved it! It was a fun sensory play date and we’ll definitely be doing it again!




My Must Have Items for Pregnancy!


So, I know it’s been ages since I last posted, but I promise I have a good excuse… I’m SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT! With a three and four year old around, it hasn’t been so easy getting over to the blog! But, I’m here now, and I thought I would share some of my favorite things to have when pregnant! This is my third go round at this and I have definitely figured out a few things to make it not so miserable those 10 months. Oh you didn’t know? Yes you’re pregnant for 10 MONTHS, not this nine junk; they’ve been lying to you! Anyways, I hope some of these help you!

Supplies You Need To Survive:
1. Panty Liners- No, it’s not for that reason. It’s because when you’re pregnant you have all these lovely liquids sprinkling randomly from your body. Sometimes it’s pee, sometimes it’s something else.

2. Tums- Even if you’ve never had heartburn or indigestion in your life again, it’s coming your way! Sometimes it feels like hell fire is trying to come out of my throat!

3. Stool Softener- no one likes talking about this part, but let me help you out, do NOT avoid this tip. With all the prenatal vitamins and pressure from baby, you’re going to be constipated a lot! And I want to save you from the dying prayer to God while on the toilet… Please do not blow this one off!

4. Bella Band/Be Band- These little things are awesome when you’re not ready to switch to maternity jeans, they’re stretchy little bands that hold up your pants while they’re unbuttoned and they give your belly a little smoothness. I got the knockoff version from Target and love it!

5. Make Up- I don’t know your stand on make up as a woman, but your complexion is going to take a turn for the worse due to those lovely hormones. If you’re not a huge fan of make up, I recommend a little concealer and some tinted moisturizer. Trust me you will feel so much better with it on!

6. Heating Pad- I’m sure that some would argue, but it is safe to use a heating pad on your back and other muscles that are hurting. You don’t want to use them longer than 15 minutes at a time or on the highest setting, but it’s great for back relief!

7. Body or Pregnancy Pillow- sleeping becomes non existent at the end and no pillow is going to help, sorry. But when you have that bump and aren’t quite at the end, this can help give you something to wrap your leg around and sleep a little more comfortably!

8. Gas X- You probably think this goes with stool softener, but no this is something different. I never even knew was gas pains were until I was pregnant with McQueen! No one warned me, or told me what that pain was! I literally thought I was going into labor or dying, no joke. I quickly found out that spicy foods, tomato sauces, and broccoli are dead to me when I’m pregnant. I don’t know what your foods to avoid will be, but just to be safe get some of this before it’s too late!

9. Pregnancy Books and Journal- Every expecting mom has What To Expect When Expecting, but I also liked Belly Laughs for a good read and the hard truth! Also, you are going to be consumed waiting for this baby, so get you a journal to keep track of baby’s first ultrasounds and kicks. I even have a Pregnancy Countdown Binder (I like to make binders) where I keep track of appointments and classes, addresses for the shower, freezer meal ideas, and medicines that are safe while pregnant. It definitely gives me something to do!

10. Tissue/wipes- I know a weird one right? But these serve for multiple reasons. First of all your nose runs, no matter what the season! There’s a scientific reason I read for why this happens when pregnant but I can’t remember. Second, you sweat profusely… All the time, so it’s nice to have something to blot with. I also like to keep the cucumber melon scented wipes to freshen up, because I have found that between the sweating and other gross stuff going on you van have a certain aroma going on! I know gross, but it’s the truth!

Pregnancy isn’t always fun, but cherish it because you only get to do it a handful of times…. Unless you’re from the Duggars family! But hopefully, this helps ease some of your discomfort along the way, until you can meet your precious little one! Watch out for more pregnant posts in the near future!

Our Super Birthday Bash!


My boys aren’t babies anymore! Mater and McQueen recently celebrated their third and fourth birthdays with a super hero themed party. I, for one thought it was fabulous! When I started the hunt for the perfect party theme, I originally had settled on a camping theme, but it was a little too cold to do it outside and I hated the thought of doing a camping theme indoors. So for some odd reason, I decided to ask the boys what they wanted… BOOM! I was hit with “Batman!” and “Captain America!” Talk about crushing my creative dreams! But, with a little help I was able to pull it off without using the typical party decorations.
I decided to go with simple super hero logos and use the colored tablecloths to accent the tables. We also used balloons to add pops of color on the backs of chairs. These also served as party favors to the kids. My favorite thing we used for decorations that I can’t really take credit for is the comic book collage placemats. My husband created these and we took them to a local teacher’s supply store and had them laminated for really cheap. To me, they really completed the tables and the kids were all able to go home with comic book placemats!
The one thing that was probably the most time-consuming was making the Super Punch Box! It was a small challenge, but so worth it! All the kids loved playing, and of course leaving with a small bag of candy. I saw the idea on Pinterest from, http://shannonmakesstuff.blogspot.com/2011/04/punch-boxgame-idea.html The only thing we changed, was instead of using boxes on the back, we taped small sandwich bags filled with candy to the back of the tissue.
I kept the party favors simple, using super hero masks and favor bags. The favor bags were stuffed with super hero candy that I found at Dollar Tree and it had the Justice League characters on it. I also stuffed them with stretchy flying super heroes that I got at Hobby Lobby. I picked up some Batman and Avengers tattoos in the little bargain bins at Michaels one day.
The food was simple, we ordered like 7 $5 foot long subs from Subway, cut them in smaller portions and served them with condiments. We also served veggies with dip and various fruits. We have been telling the boys for a while that certain veggies and fruits give you a certain super power. So I guess you can say our food had sort of a super healthy theme. Now the cupcakes…. was a whole other dilemma. After placing an order 2 weeks before then going to pick them up the day before the party, only to discover they were not what I ordered and looked TERRIBLE, we ended up going to Sams, getting some cupcakes that looked like batman and captain america and spicing them up ourselves. They ended up looking pretty good too!

The party turned out great! We didn’t spend an arm and a leg on decorations and food, and the kids all had a great time. If you have any questions about where I got this or that, feel free to ask in the comments section.

Ice Day Fun!

Some places have snow days, but here in Louisiana that doesn’t happen too often. But we do have “Ice Days” when the roads are too icy for travel and school. So after the boys were completely over playing with every toy in the house I decided to bring out the playdoh. This is always a huge hit in our house, but we got a little creative today. .. We decided to make Playdoh snowmen! While doing this we talked about the different shapes that we use to make different parts of a snowman. Of course after spending an hour making snow people because McQueen insisted we needed a mommy one, a daddy one, a baby one, a girl one, a birthday one… And so on and so forth. I could see Mater’s boredom setting in and so next came the destruction of all the snow people in what looked like a zombie apocalypse, leaving them all to look like deformed monsters… Which turned into a new fun scenario… MONSTER SNOW PEOPLE! Anyways that’s what we did on our indoor Ice Day… What did you do?

Just When You Think They’re Not Listening…

So this is going to be a short post, but I wanted to share this story with ya’ll! So as moms, we are constantly telling our kids what they can and can’t do… it comes with motherhood right? We also know, as moms, that most of the time it’s going in one ear and out the other. (Don’t you just love repeating the same stuff our parents use to say?!) Well have you ever wondered how much of what you are saying is actually sticking with them? Well be warned… your children will pick the most random things to obey… seriously. Do my kids ever recite to me, “I will not talk to strangers”, or “Look both ways and check for cars”? No, of course not, those are the important things that you want them to remember in life and why would a toddler want to remember boring stuff like that. My boys are the kinds of kids who strike up conversations with guys wearing baggy pants and dreadlocks, and tell me and I quote “I’m going to HI-YAH that car if it tries to run me over, okay mama?” Yep… that’s what I’m working with folks. So it doesn’t surprise me that while I was cooking dinner, Mcqueen would shout out, “MOMMA! HURRY CHANGE THE TV! SPONGEBOB IS ON!! THIS IS A BAD SHOW WE CAN’T WATCH!!!” I just started laughing as I changed the channel, then Mcqueen looks at me and says, “Whew that was a close one.” I’m a little worried that I may have a Drama King in my house. So that is my little story of the day… Until next time!

Holiday Hangover


In case any one actually ever reads this thing, you probably noticed I haven’t posted in quite a while. It’s been a hectic few months for our little family. Mater has been having some medical issues and we’ve been having to travel back and forth to doctors for that. And of course the holidays pretty much took of the majority of my time. We live withing a couple of hours to all our families and Christmas is still pretty much the whole month of December for us! But now that the holidays are over, maybe I can get back on track to stimulating those mommies out there who are going through their holiday hangover right now!

First of all, I was totally unprepared for Christmas this year. Most years I have my shopping, wrapping, and Christmas cards out the first week of December so that I can have the rest of the month for fun activities. That was not the case this year, I still found myself Christmas shopping the week before (online shopping is wonderful isn’t it). We also did something a little different this year that worked out amazingly, and I reccommend it if you have involved grandma and grandpas there. The boys made wishlists and we emailed them to the grandparents so they would know what toys the boys were all giddy over this year. At first we thought it was a disaster because we had a group of anxious grandparents that bought their whole wishlist instead of picking out one or two things and we were left with nothing for Santa to bring Christmas morning. But behold, it ended up being a marvelous thing I tell you. I love books and Disney movies, but these are things that grandparents don’t have as much fun shopping for, so they bought the toys and we bought the gifts the would grow with them. Also the grandparents took part of their loot and wrapped it to give to us parents for Christmas morning from Santa. The boys ended up getting everything they wanted, we saved so much money, and the grandparents got to spoil their grandkids. It truly was a win win for everyone involved… except for the mountain of toys and tiny living space issue… but we’ll deal with that later.

So now with holidays over, our family also has something else going on. We will be moving in the next month or two to Oklahoma. Hubby has been offered a job there and so we will be moving to somewhere totally new and far away from our families. On the plus side I do happen to have a very close friend who moved there this past year and we will be close to each other. So I will know one person in the state of Oklahoma! I’m excited about this new adventure we’ll be going on, but a little saddened about being so far away from my family and friends. So with that being said, I hope you’ll continue to follow me in the blog world on our journey to Oklahoma. Also keep a look out for some great slow cooker recipes I’ll be posting in the weeks to follow! Until next time…